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Since 2005, we've been a top Masonry Contractor in Arkansas working with all levels of the construction industry: developers, architects, general contractors, builders, fellow masons, and property owners.

Products and services are not limited - we provide or utilize any masonry materials necessary to achieve the desired result.

Our endeavor is exceed expectations of clients - we are dedicated to delivering maximum return on their investments.

Our joy is demonstrating the unequaled value, beauty, flexibility and permanence of masonry.

3 core principles: Quality Workmanship, Quality Materials and Value.

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A few of our favorites.

We prefer to rely on the highest quality materials in the industry to assure not only the most ascetically pleasing end result, but to ensure we leave behind the most valuable investment possible for the owner. 

Endurance, low-maintenance, unique design and energy efficiency are traits we look for from our quarries, suppliers and manufacturers.

For specialized projects, we work with suppliers all over the world to achieve excellence. Here are a few of our tried and true. 





Centurion Stone

The Stone of the 21st Century

Centurion Stone is stone veneer that looks and feels like natural stone, because it's made from natural stone patterns.  With colors and textures that are carefully controlled, and the reduced weight and costs compared to natural stone, Centurion Stone has become the most desirable manufactured stone on the market.
With more than twenty-five patterns, two hundred colors and a complete line of accessory items, Centurion Stone can fulfill any and all design opportunities.

Natural Stone

Stone from earth for any project

Commercial, residential or landscaping - contractor grade stone to increase value of any project.  While our most popular line of stone is quarried more geographically local, we also broker stone from all over the US and abroad in order to meet your project requirements. Choose any variety of colors, blends and patterns to achieve the look you desire.





Outdoor Fireplace_Straight Front_1.jpg
Outdoor Fireplace_Straight Front_1.jpg

Outdoor Fireplace_Straight Front_2.jpg
Outdoor Fireplace_Straight Front_2.jpg

Indoor Fireplace_See Through_1.jpg
Indoor Fireplace_See Through_1.jpg

Outdoor Fireplace_Straight Front_1.jpg
Outdoor Fireplace_Straight Front_1.jpg

Fire Rock

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.


The most advanced pre-engineered Masonry fireplace system with 

8 indoor and 2 outdoor models available, ranging in size from 30" to 72".


Hand-crafted in neighboring Birmingham, AL, these concrete

wet-cast pavers come in 4 beautiful color options that create an affordable natural stone look that can be used indoor and out.

Art of Masonry

"The hand is the tool of tools."


Masonry such as stone, brick, block and adobe is the preferred building material for scientific reasons such as temperature control, fire retardation & barrier to the elements; as well as popular aesthetic reasons.

The quality of the mortar and workmanship, the manner assembled and the quality of the product can substantially affect the ability for the property owner to reap benefits.


Choosing a commercially licensed, bonded, and insured masonry company with service guarantees is key for accountability.


Outstanding references allow you to choose the best provider. 


Custom Natural Stone Fireplace

Bass Pro Shops

Little Rock, Arkansas


Centurion Stone

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Season 6 Episode 605

Aired 10/25/2008

McCulley Family

Bigelow, Arkansas

Commercial Solutions

Centurion Stone


Outdoor Living Solutions

Custom Kitchen in Centurion Stone, Thin Brick with Concrete Countertops


Partner with us to bring your vision to life.

Completing more than 4500 commercial and residential projects since inception, we are committed to the highest level of personal and professional integrity by meeting our customer’s needs and expectations consistently. From estimating, to the bid process, to the final completion of your project, we keep our word, do what’s right and build a relationship with you that will last a lifetime. Our crews will stay on your job until you are 100% satisfied. You can count on tenacious attention to detail and a proud sense of accomplishment.

We are all about relationships. Building and maintaining solid relationships with our customers, vendors and employees is a major goal here at Stone Works. Being true to our word, keeping our commitments and caring about people will always be our first priority. Built on integrity, we embrace the values of honesty, hard work and service.

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